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Hey Rose

Dear Rose,

After seeing your exhibition "Picky People Notice" at the SMAK last Monday, I realized that I was on the wrong track.

I had forgotten to be pure and work from my gut. I had repressed the fact that the support (= the material being worked on) is an extension of what is being painted and is almost as important to me as the subject. I had become a slave of the like (see my work "Sitting like a dog in our ordinary life") and thought I only had to paint perfect pictures. I had become afraid of shocking people because I think differently. I forgot I live in the year 2023.

I want to paste, rip, glue, shout, throw, tell and share opinions again. I want to be myself again. I want to be different again.

I was dead for a quarter of a century.I am rehabilitating as we speak Rose,

Thanks for reading me, 


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