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X is a Belgian artist who paints and draws what he thinks, dreams, and feels. He puts on the canvas those things that he either doesn’t understand or that scare him. His subjects range from the strange, critical, and violent, to the poetic, gentle, and nurturing. His art conveys a profound sense of ‘Weltschmerz’, a feeling he has worn like a heavy cloak ever since he was a child. X’s works are often confrontational, seeking both dialogue with their viewer as well as challenging them to reflect on their complexity and emotionality. By choosing X as an alter ego, the artist emphasises the unimportance of his own persona compared to his art. X believes that what he creates is not determined by himself but rather is inspired by something indefinable, untouchable, and unending. This underscores his view that he is merely a conduit for his art, which he believes to transcend his individuality.


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